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License agreement and disclaimer

mpiv is a free software package. Using this package implies you have agreed the agreement stated here in.

You are allowed to redistribute this package and/or modify it under the terms of GNU General Public License (GPL), published by the Free Software Foundation. However, mpiv is asserted with the following addendum concerning its usage: This software and any of its derivatives shall only be used for educational purposes or scientific research without the intention of any financial gains or commercial behaviors. The use of this software or its derivatives for any purpose that results in financial gains or commercial behaviors by a person(s) or organization(s) without written consents from the developers is a breach of this agreement.

This software is distributed for a goal that it will be a useful tool for engineers and scientists. However, it comes free but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. It does not guarantee any MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. In addition the developers are not liable in any consequences, damages, and losses arising from the use of the software for any purposes. The GNU GPL forms the main part of the license agreement for this software package.

If you find any bugs in the codes, please inform to the developers. Also we greatly appreciate any constructive comments and suggestions for the improvement of the codes, and additional contributions to the codes (proper credits will be granted).

Finally we would greatly appreciate a copy (in PDF or postscript format) of any works you published in which mpiv is used. Please cite the title of this document/user manual in your publications.