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//&color(red){The mpiv site has been moved from to};. (April, 2008)

* Introduction to &color(navy){mpiv}; [#l6e5e176]

Latest version of &color(navy){mpiv}; is 0.961 (2004/12/03)
//Latest version of &color(navy){mpiv}; is 0.961 (2004/12/03)


** Breif Introduction [#d817d6f6]
&size(20){&color(navy){mpiv};}; is a PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) toolbox written in [[MATLAB:]]. The main purpose of this toolbox is for educational and research. It is intended for both the undergraduate and graduate students working on PIV methods, or need to use PIV for their study. It is also a convenient and useful tool for engineers and scientists who use PIV in their research. Writing the program in MATLAB is, in our opinion, believed to be easier to understand and use, although it may be slower in computation. The project started in Fall 2002, and since then several algorithms have been modified and added. Moreover several options have be included for users of different levels. &size(20){&color(navy){mpiv};}; has also been tested and proven to be sufficient accuracy and robust. 

There are many PIV programs existing today. Some of the programs are written in MATLAB and already available to users (e.g., [[URAPIV:]], [[MatPIV:]] and etc). These programs have excellent capability for research propose and have many options for users of different levels. In comparison, &size(20){&color(navy){mpiv};}; is more general and portable, and easy to use and modify. It is the developers' intention to keep the codes short and simple. In brief, &size(20){&color(navy){mpiv};}; consists of two main programs (one for image processing and the other for post-processing) and several external functions (.m files) while most of them are very short and are based on simple algorithms. In addition, we have been tried to write many comments in the codes and made documents for users. Thus, not only are the algorithms and codes of &size(20){&color(navy){mpiv};}; easy to understand for undergraduate and graduate students, they are also quite general and easy to modify for use in specific research area for engineers and scientists.

At the present version mpiv has the following features:

-Searching vector 
--Super-resolution (hierarchical search) algorithm 
--Cross-correlation method 
--MQD (Minimum Quadratic Difference) method 
--Local median filtering for error vectors 
--Global filtering for error vectors 
-Vector interpolation
--Linear method
--Spline method
--Kriging method
-GUI menu 
-Free of charge! 

** Future Plan [#v149ad50]
We developed to release super resolution Particle Tracking Velocimetry (Super Resolution PTV). This is not documented yet and we will open it to public upon number requests.
The Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) program to measure spatial concentration is also developing now. We will make announcement when the packages are ready.

** Requirement and System [#b560321d]

To run the program, you will be helped followings:
-MATLAB version 6.0 (Release 12) or later 
-MATLAB Image Processing Toolbox 
-[[DACE (Design and Analysis of Computer experiments) Toolbox:]]
MATLAB C/C++ Compiler (Version 2 or later) 

Note that the earlier versions of [[MATLAB:]] may work fine as well though we did not test the program on them, and [[MATLAB:]] Image Processing and DACE Toolbox are necessary to run the program. Image Processing Toolbox is the one of Toolbox developed by Mathworks, while [[DACE Toolbox:]] is a GPL based toolbox. In addition, you can use MATLAB Compiler to reduce computational time, but it is not a must. The original images in this document are taken from [[VSJ-PIV::]] (the PIV Standard Project) distributed by [[the Visualization Society of Japan:]]. 

&size(20){&color(navy){mpiv};}; has been tested (MATLAB 7.0, R14) on Linux platform running on [[Vine Linux:]] 3.2, equivalent to [[Red Hat Linux:]] 9.0, and Microsoft Windows XP. 

** The Other Requests [#zae883bd]

If you have interested in this project, please send us [[]], I will send update information to you, directly.

 This document should be referenced as:
 "Nobuhito Mori and Kuang-An Chang (2003) "Introduction to MPIV", user  reference manual, 14p.
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If you find any bugs in the codes, please inform to [[the]]. Also we greatly appreciate any constructive comments and suggestions for the improvement of the codes, and additional contributions to the codes (proper credits will be granted). 

Finally we would greatly appreciate a copy (in PDF or postscript format) of any works you published in which &size(20){&color(navy){mpiv};}; is used. Please cite the title of this document/user manual in your publications.